Book Review: On the Ropes by Kathryn Nolan

I loved On the Ropes so much and getting to know Tabitha and Dean. It had the best build filled with so many wonderful moments that made me smile and swoon. I couldn't get enough. Fantastic read!

Book Review: On the Ropes by Kathryn Nolan | About That Story
On the Ropes by Kathryn Nolan

Summer in the city heats up when the girl who got away moves in next door.

Dean “The Machine” is a South Philly legend. Much to the dismay of fans who still hound him, the broody former fighter walked away from his boxing career right before clinching another championship belt. Tight-lipped on his reasons for retiring, he’s busy trying to figure out his future when the past literally falls in his lap.

Tabitha Tyler, the fiery redhead who captured his teenage heart, is back in town and staying next door. Only now the girl that got away is all grown up and offering him a strings-free, summer fling. Dean knows better than to start something that will leave him flat on his back and seeing stars.

But there’s only so much temptation a man can take.

Kept away by the secrets that tore her family apart, sparkly filmmaker Tabitha is home for the first time in nine years. And her old friend and new hunky neighbor is just the distraction she needs. It’s the perfect relationship for her – one with an expiration date.

She’s got two weeks to convince him to cave.

He’s got two weeks to convince her to stay.

But when she refuses to let down her guard, Dean realizes that this time…he just might get knocked out for good.

Author’s note: A smokin’ hot, friends-to-lovers, opposites-attract love story in a close-knit South Philly neighborhood with a quirky cast of nosy but well-intentioned neighbors.

5 out of 5 stars

On the Ropes was a heartfelt, sexy, and sweet story filled with so much love. I adored Dean and Tabitha, learning about their pain and watching them open up and trust as they came together. I felt so invested in their lives and couldn’t wait for their HEA.

Tabitha was the best and I loved her infectious personality. She was so bold and caring and I loved her big heart. Dean was fantastic, a bit broody and so very sexy! I enjoyed learning about Tabitha’s struggles and the conflict she was dealing with and all that Dean had endured as a boxer and how it affects him today. I loved them reconnecting and the moment it happens. It's fun and flirty and super entertaining. I loved them becoming friends and the playfulness and caring between them. I ate up their growing attraction and building sexual tension. Their chemistry was sizzling and I loved the heat it created. These two together are hot!

I loved the wonderful cast of characters involved and the neighborhood they lived in, giving it a small town feel even though they're in a big city. Everyone was so unique and helped paint a great picture of their community. I absolutely adored Dean and Tabitha’s parents. How loving, hardworking and supportive Tabitha’s father has always been, accepting her for who she is and doing everything he could to support her. Dean’s moms were a delightful and I got such a since of joy from them. There's always something special about an extraordinary cast of secondary characters that create an impact of their own and I thought this group definitely did that.

I thought this book had an incredible build. I couldn’t wait for Dean and Tabitha to work things out, and when it finally happened, my heart pretty much exploded. I loved the beauty of them opening up and being who they were truly meant to be and the ups and downs of their journey to get there. There were so many exceptional moments that filled me up and made me happy. This was an excellent friends-to-lovers story filled with so much heart. Amazing read!

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Book Review: On the Ropes by Kathryn Nolan | About That Story
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Book Review: On the Ropes by Kathryn Nolan | About That Story