Book Review: A Partridge and a Pregnancy by Willa Nash

Tobias and Eva's story was the perfect mix of entertaining, sweet, and emotional and I loved them finding their way to happy. A Partridge and a Pregnancy was a feel-good read filled with so much heart and I loved every second. 

Book Review: A Partridge and A Pregnancy by Willa Nash | About That Story
A Partridge and a Pregnancy (Holiday Brothers #3) by Willa Nash

There are a lot of places I’d rather spend Christmas Eve morning than on a cold, snowy sidewalk outside someone else’s home. I’d kill to be sitting beside a fireplace, drinking cocoa, wearing flannel pajamas and reading a book.

Instead, I’m here, standing in front of my one-night stand’s house, working up the courage to ring the doorbell and tell him I’m pregnant.

I hate that term—one-night stand. It sounds so cheap and sleezy. Tobias Holiday is neither of those things. He’s handsome and caring. Witty and charismatic. And once, a long time ago, he was mine.

Our one-night reunion was only supposed to be a hookup. A fling with an old lover. A parting farewell before I moved to London and put my feelings for him an ocean away. How exactly am I supposed to explain that to Tobias that I’m having a baby? His baby? Maybe I could sing it. He always loved the silly songs I made up in the shower.

Three French hens, two turtle doves.

And a partridge and a pregnancy.

5 out of 5 stars

A Partridge and a Pregnancy was a sweet, sexy, and entertaining story with an emotional punch. I loved the back and forth pull between Tobias and Eva and their growing sexual tension. I literally picked it up and couldn’t put it back down, I had to know what would happen next.

This was a great second chance romance and surprise pregnancy story all rolled into one. I liked learning about Eva and Tobias’s past relationship and where they’re at in the present day. They’re both so hardworking and focused and I loved the conflicts they faced with the baby news and their internal struggles. There were so many fantastic scenes that had me grinning. I loved the emotion between them and the ups and downs they went through as they figured it all out. There was so much longing and need between them, I could feel the heat between them rising. When they finally got to their moment and figured it all out, it made my heart burst.

The Holidays are a wonderful family and I adore all brothers. I loved the overlap with the other two stories in the series as well. This story was filled with excellent building details and I was hooked the entire time. It was a fast-paced read that was solid from beginning to end. I felt this story was more emotional than the other two, however, it was still on the lighter side and didn’t stress me out. This was the perfect feel-good holiday read to fill my afternoon. It's sure to leave a smile on your face!

Book Review: A Partridge and A Pregnancy by Willa Nash | About That Story

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I am a sucker for a second chance romance story. Add in the fact that there was a surprise baby in this and I was all in. Do you enjoy second chance romances and/or a surprise baby? Let me know!

Book Review: A Partridge and a Pregnancy by Willa Nash | About That Story