Book Review: Fall Into Temptation (Blue Moon #2) by Lucy Score

Not only did I love the main characters in Fall Into Temptation, but I also loved the entire town. I wish I could move to Blue Moon and hang out with these people. This was such a fun read that made me ridiculously happy. Be sure to check it out!

Book Review: Fall Into Temptation (Blue Moon #2) by Lucy Score | About That Story
Fall Into Temptation (Blue Moon #2) by Lucy Score

“Your kids are great,” he said, changing the subject.

“Don’t be sweet. I can’t resist sweet,” Gianna warned him.

“Your kids are monsters, and I hate your face.”

Beckett Pierce is the most eligible bachelor in the nosiest small town in upstate New York. But after his last girlfriend handcuffed herself to his porch and set his welcome mat on fire, he’s not looking for any more romance.

Especially if it lands right in his own backyard. And has miles of red hair.

Gianna Decker has her hands full—no, overflowing—with problems. With two kids, a useless ex, and a brand new yoga studio, the last thing on her mind is finding a man who’ll demand more of her time.

Fantasizing about her hot, broody landlord? Mistake. Lusting after the sexy mayor of her new town? Terrible idea. Getting naked with the “favorite” son of her father’s new lady friend? N-O. Getting involved with Beckett has disaster written all over it.

Those stolen kisses were accidental. A few moments of strings-free, sizzling passion couldn’t possibly cause any trouble. At least, not until tempers flare when their families complicate things and the interfering citizens of Blue Moon step in with their special brand of chaos.

5 out of 5 stars

Holy Buckets Batman, this was awesome! Fall Into Temptation was so entertaining and sweet, I was laughing and smiling my way through and even got choked up a few times. I loved Beckett and Gia and the infectious chemistry they had. This was a super fun and sexy read!

I loved the playfulness of the story and Beckett and Gia’s interactions together. Their teasing and flirting was so flippin’ cute and I could feel the pull between them. I loved learning about Gia and how strong she was and how she was building a better life for her kids. I liked their history and how they ended up in Blue Moon. Beckett was so charming and I loved seeing someone so buttoned-up come unraveled a bit. The build between them was fantastic, I loved them from the playful moments to the exploding hot scenes.

I loved the kids and I absolutely adored the little girl's nickname for Beckett. There were some really heartfelt moments between Beckett and the kids that had me melting. There were a lot of great characters involved as well. I love the bonds the brothers have and how they're there for each other. I love the connections the women have and how supportive they are of one another. The town itself with all the meddlesome Mooners was priceless, creating some really amusing scenes and shenanigans. I loved them all.

This was a light, entertaining story with so many funny scenes, some sexy ones too, and just the right amount of emotion mixed in. It was a wonderful story that was exciting to read and left me feeling extremely happy.

Book Review: Fall Into Temptation by Lucy Score | About That Story

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Book Review: Fall Into Temptation by Lucy Score | About That Story