New Release: Rival Radio by Kathryn Nolan

The latest release from Kathryn Nolan is officially live. It's time to settle in for a spicy enemies-to-lovers romance with Rival Radio!

Rival Radio by Kathryn Nolan
Rival Radio by Kathryn Nolan

These two on-air enemies can't stop rubbing each other the wrong way in the booth...and the right way in bed.

Whoever said "keep your enemies close" never had to share a small, dark sound booth with 
her. Daria Stone is the infuriating host of "Choosing Yourself." The name is almost as ridiculous as the concept. Permanently single? Please. The woman's made a career out of rejecting everything I stand for.

I'm looking for 
the one. The right woman who's ready for marriage and a lifetime together. Not some sultry, stubborn vixen who makes my life a living hell and insists a husband can be replaced by a curated collection of bedroom toys. And I know she's wearing those skin-tight leather pants just to annoy me.

Dr. Theo Chadwick is a professional pain in my...workplace. Sure—on the outside, the man is gorgeous. But he's also obsessed with finding his better half and getting his radio show, "True Romance," syndicated so he can give false hope to lovelorn listeners everywhere.

He keeps pushing my buttons with his arrogant "expertise" about how wrong I am. I just want to see him snap. Maybe that's how I ended up here, pinned against a wall with my legs wrapped around his waist...

Can these enemies put their feud on hold and play nice in a shared timeslot to save their popular beach town radio station? Or will their sparks burn everything to the ground?

Author's Note: One-click if you love forced proximity, breakroom bickering, "we're just getting it out of our system" one-night stands, a rag-tag crew of DJs, and beachy, retro boardwalk magic.

New Release: Rival Radio by Kathryn Nolan

Rival Radio by Kathryn Nolan
I knew the cover for Rival Radio was gorgeous but in person the paperback is STUNNING!!!

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