Book Review: The Heir Apparent's Rejected Mate by Cate C. Wells

I am having so much fun reading this series. The Heir Apparent's Rejected Mate was an entertaining and intense read and I loved having Cadoc and Rosie come together. Shifters for the win!

Book Review: The Heir Apparent's Rejected Mate by Cate C. Wells
The Heir Apparent's Rejected Mate (Five Packs #2) by Cate C. Wells

He rejected me for “reasons.” Too bad for him. No take backs.


Fate made a huge mistake when she mated me to Cadoc Collins. He’s the heir apparent. I’m a scavenger. My people are so low in this pack, we don’t even rank.

I should have known better, but for one night, I let myself forget the facts of life in Moon Lake. Cadoc Collins might be powerless to resist me, but he’s not going to claim me, either.

A pink line on a stick makes it a much bigger problem than my bruised heart.

I’m eighteen, knocked up, and publicly rejected by the future alpha. And this baby in my belly? It might as well be a target on my back.

Lucky for me I’m a scavenger. My kind are good at finding things, but we’re great at getting lost.


The fate of Moon Lake rests on my shoulders. I can’t claim the scavenger female.

The pack is on the verge of a revolt, and a mating so controversial could push our warring factions into open conflict.

All I need is time. I’ll do what’s expected of me as our future leader, and when the politics are sorted, I’ll do right by the odd little scavenger.

I’m the heir apparent. She’ll be there when I’m ready.


The Heir Apparent’s Rejected Mate is a wolf shifter romance. No cheating. HEA guaranteed. Intended for adult readers only.

4 out of 5 stars

The Heir Apparent’s Rejected Mate captured me right from the start, I was caught up in the intensity of it all and couldn't stop reading. I loved learning about the pack's different dynamics and how that played into Rosie and Cadoc being together. This was a great story with an awesome build that kept me hooked!

I really liked getting to know Rosie and Cadoc. I loved Rosie, got who she was, and what she believed in. I felt for her as she went through her change and was caught up in her emotion and pain when Cadoc rejected her. Now Cadoc, I wanted to not like him because he made some poor choices but I felt for him because of how he was raised and all the pressure he had on him and I loved watching him grow. These two definitely had their ups and downs. There was good drama thanks to pack politics creating conflict for Cadoc and Rosie but I loved them figuring it all out. I felt like their wolves carried a smaller role but it still felt important. I liked watching Cadoc really embrace his wolf, it felt like a metamorphosis and I was enthralled by Rosie’s wolf. I wish I would have gotten more of them.

I really enjoyed the storytelling, the descriptions, and the details but there were times that things felt drawn out. There was a slow burn happening I liked and I was filled with anticipation for them to get together. I liked meeting this new pack and learning about their different dynamics and politics. I felt that tension between the different factions and for Rosie and her people. I loved seeing Killian from the first book and catching up with him a bit. It was all well done, keeping me on the edge of my seat.

I had a fantastic time reading this, it was totally entertaining. I liked the intensity, emotion, and drama. I loved watching Cadoc and Rosie truly grow and come into their own for their people. I am loving this world the author created and am looking forward to the next story. 

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