Book Review: Here With Me by Samantha Young

I was so excited to finally start Here With Me and it did not disappoint. I loved the mystery, passion, and intensity. I couldn't get enough of Robyn and Lachlan. This was an excellent way to kick off the Adair family series.

Book Review: Here With Me by Samantha Young
Here With Me (Adair Family #1) by Samantha Young

Settled in the tranquil remoteness of the Scottish Highlands, Ardnoch Estate caters to the rich and famous. It is as unattainable and as mysterious as its owner —ex-Hollywood leading man Lachlan Adair—and it's poised on the edge of a dark scandal.

After narrowly escaping death, police officer Robyn Penhaligon leaves behind her life in Boston in search of some answers. Starting with Mac Galbraith, the Scottish father who abandoned her to pursue his career in private security. To re-connect with Mac, Robyn will finally meet a man she’s long resented. Lachlan Adair. Hostility instantly brews between Robyn and Lachlan. She thinks the head of the Adair family is high-handed and self-important. And finding closure with Mac is proving more difficult than she ever imagined. Robyn would sooner leave Ardnoch, but when she discovers Mac is embroiled in a threat against the Adairs and the exclusive members of the estate, she finds she’s not yet ready to give up on her father.

Determined to ensure Mac’s safety, Robyn investigates the disturbing crimes at Ardnoch, forcing her and Lachlan to spend time together. Soon it becomes clear a searing attraction exists beneath their animosity, and temptation leads them down a perilous path.

While they discover they are connected by something far more addictive than passion, Lachlan cannot let go of his grip on a painful past: a past that will destroy his future … if the insidious presence of an enemy lurking in the shadows of Ardnoch doesn’t do the job first.

5 out of 5 stars

Here With Me was fantastic! I loved the world the author created from the picturesque details to the intriguing characters filled with layers and depth. I was pulled in as everything developed, hooked on the suspense element the entire time. I loved this so much!

Robyn and Lachlan were amazing. I loved their intensity, grit, and strength. I felt so much for Robyn and what she was going through with her father. It was filled with so much emotion and pain and I loved the courage she had to face the hardships of her past. I loved learning about Lachlan, what he had gone through, where he was at in life, and his friendship with Mac. I loved the tension and animosity between Robyn and Lachlan and the enemies-to-lovers vibe they had going on. I ate up every detail about them as they butted heads and fought their building attraction. I loved them opening up, sharing, and the moments of vulnerability between them. I love how their building relationship intertwined with the suspense element, I thought it was timed perfectly.

I loved the relationship between Robyn and Mac and how they moved forward to let go of the past. There were a lot of raw, real moments as Robyn discovered certain truths and I thought it was really well done. I am totally in love with Mac and loved the hints of him and Arrochar so I am excited about their story in Always You.

There was a wonderful cast of characters, making the story feel full. I loved the development and descriptions and the incredible build as everything played out and the dots connected. I was totally invested. The suspense elements were awesome and I loved it as all the secrets were revealed making for an outstanding conclusion.

I thought this story was exceptional and made for an excellent series starter, can’t begin to say enough good things about it. Here With Me is not to be missed!

Book Review: Here With Me by Samantha Young | About That Story
"Exceptional story filled with layers and depth. I was totally invested!" - About That Story

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This book consumed me and I'll admit that I blew off a day or two and nothing got done. What's a book that made you ignore everything and just read? Let me know!