Book Review: Ransom by Julie Garwood

This was an exciting read filled with fantastic characters, drama, and passion. It's one of those books that I picked up and literally couldn't put back down. Ransom was incredible!

Book Review: Ransom by Julie Garwood
Ransom (Highlands' Lairds #2) by Julie Garwood

In the dark days after the death of Richard the Lionheart, lives and lands fell into upheaval at the hands of the power-hungry King John and his violent minions. One victim was innocent Gillian, who was just a child when the cruel and ambitious Baron Alford, determined to recover for the despotic king a jeweled box that slipped through his fingers, slaughtered her father and tore her family apart.

A decade later, Gillian once again crosses paths with the nefarious baron, but instead of losing everything like she had as a child, she finds the key to resolving her past in two handsome Scottish chieftains. With the cunning and courage of the daring Scotsmen and the friendship of a new ally named Bridgid KirkConnell, Gillian at last has she what needs to reclaim her home, her family, and her father’s reputation.

But in the presence of the mighty warriors, Gillian and Bridgid discover that desire can be a weapon of conquest, betrayal can slay trust in a heartbeat, and the greatest risk of all is to surrender to unexpected love.

5 out of 5 stars

Ransom was incredible! I picked it up and never wanted to put it down. I was captivated by all the different characters and the world they lived in. I loved the intensity, passion, and drama and felt consumed by it all.

Brodick and Gillian were wonderful characters. I loved her strength and tenacity and her amazing courage to tackle things head-on. Brodick was gruff and protective but underneath so very caring. I adored them together and loved watching their feelings grow and evolve and the heat between them explode. I love this time period when it comes to alpha-Highlanders, they're all bossy and possessive but when they fall, they fall hard and it’s pretty epic. There were so many entertaining scenes between them as everything played out, I couldn't get enough!

From the intense beginning to the fantastic ending, I was all in. I loved the details and build and thought it flowed well. I loved the humor woven in and the banter with various characters and couples that had me laughing and smiling. I really enjoyed the three main Lairds and the bonds they have as well as their good-natured ribbing. I also loved a secondary story with another couple happening. It was more subtle but thrilled me just as much as Gillian and Brodick’s HEA. I also loved the sweet boy Alec and how Gillian was there for him. There were just so many great moments throughout, I enjoyed it all.

This really was a thrilling read. Drama. Betrayal. Passion. Humor. I loved everything about it!

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"Amazing read filled with intensity, passion, and drama." - About That Story

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