Book Review: Starting Back by Stephanie Rose

This was so much fun to read... and super sexy! I loved the build, the entertaining scenes, and the awesome HEA. Starting Back was a wonderful story!

Book Review: Starting Back by Stephanie Rose
Starting Back by Stephanie Rose


My accidental solo vacation takes a turn for the less-depressing after a drink that leads to a date with a brawny, bedroom-eyed firefighter. I’m 42, divorced, with two daughters at home. I thought romance was in my rearview mirror until the mysteriously intense Leo makes me feel like I’m the only woman in the Florida Keys.

I know better than to get attached. But between midnight kisses and dirty talk under starry skies, our connection feels so 
real. So right.

I can’t give up my entire life for a fling. Not even for a man that reminds me I’m not defined by a failed marriage and a car pool calendar. And 
especially not one who has no interest in a family of his own, let alone a package deal like me.


We were supposed to be temporary. Just like everything else in my life. So why can’t I get Kristina out of my head? I’m the master of no strings, no attachments. But our time together haunts me after she leaves.

I’m not cut out to make a life with a woman. A woman with two kids? Forget it.

At least, that’s what I thought until fate brings us together again. It turns out the move I made to be closer to family brings me to Kristina’s hometown—and right in her path.

I can’t still explain the overpowering pull between us, but I’m sure of who she is.


And I’m not letting her go this time.

4 out of 5 stars

Starting Back was a sweet, super sexy read and I enjoyed every second of it! I had a great time watching Kristina and Leo fall in love. They had a fantastic instant attraction happening and I loved that fire and chemistry between them. It was a wonderful story filled with hope, healing, and love!

I liked both Leo and Kristina a lot. I enjoyed them connecting, opening up, and sharing. They had such a fantastic pull to one another with this amazing attraction that was sizzling and I loved the longing between them for more. Leo was so flirty and charming and I loved how he wooed her. I liked Kristina and loved her figuring out what she deserves in life. Both Kristina and Leo have things they're dealing with but it's pretty low-key in the drama department. It was just a great story about moving on from past hurts, falling in love, coming together, and making it work.

There's a nice cast of characters involved and I liked them all. I haven't read Peyton and Jake's story yet (from An Unexpected Turn) but after meeting them here, I definitely want to read it. I loved Kristina's daughter Emma, she was adorable. There were a lot of fun, cute moments mixed in as well. There's an awesome moment when Kristina figures out her feelings and claims him and I was totally cheering!

This was an easy, entertaining, incredibly sexy story with likable characters, low angst, and an awesome HEA. If you’re looking for something steamy and light that leaves you feeling happy, this would be perfect!

Complimentary copy received from That's What She Said Publishing.

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"Light, steamy, and totally entertaining!" - About That Story

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