New Release: Sable Peak by Devney Perry

Sable Peak, the final installment of The Edens series is finally here. I'm sorry to see this series come to an end, it will be hard to say goodbye to these amazing characters. I've wanted Mateo's story since book one and am thrilled that today is the day! 

New Release: Sable Peak by Devney Perry
Sable Peak (The Edens #6) by Devney Perry

Vera Gallagher is chasing constant. For four years, her life was anything but normal. And the years before that she refuses to even remember. Dwelling on the past only hurts. Life is fragile, a lesson her mother taught her well. She’s determined not to waste a moment of her newfound freedom.
Maybe some would consider her crush on Mateo Eden wasted time. Maybe some would call her a fool for loving a man who hasn’t once dropped a crumb of interest her way. Still, to Vera, it’s Mateo or nothing.
He’s handsome. Charming. Witty. And he loves his family the way Vera loves—with her whole heart.
Maybe he’ll never notice her. Maybe she’s too damaged, too broken, to find that normal life she craves. Maybe her secrets will always keep them apart. But Vera will love him anyway. Whether Mateo realizes it or not. 

Sable Peak by Devney Perry

Sable Peak by Devney Perry

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