Book Review: Crimson River by Devney Perry

I am LOVING this series. The Edens, the town of Quincy, and the amazing storytelling! Crimson River was a fantastic addition to the series. I loved everything about Lyla and Vance and was hooked right from the start!

Book Review: Crimson River by Devney Perry
Crimson River (The Edens #5) by Devney Perry

small town, romantic suspense story from Wall Street Journal, USA Today and #1 Amazon bestselling author, Devney Perry.

Lyla Eden has spent the last few years watching her siblings fall in love. Meanwhile, she’s married to her job. It’s on her hundredth consecutive workday that her sister stages an intervention, kicking Lyla out of her own coffee shop. With nothing else to do, Lyla sets out on her favorite hiking trail.

It’s there that she spots a man washing blood from his hands in a stream. One moment she’s staring at the jagged scar on his face. The next, his hand is around her throat. But by some miracle, he lets her go.

Shaken to her core, Lyla reports the incident to the local police. Two days later, Vance Sutter arrives in town, armed with endless questions and a tarnished badge.

Vance may be ruggedly handsome but he’s as mysterious as the man he’s hunting. And he’ll be gone from Quincy in a blink. Yet Lyla’s crush is impossible to stop.

No matter how hard Vance tries to ignore it, there’s no denying the chemistry between them. And avoiding Lyla is not an option. After years of chasing dead ends, she’s his only lead to closing the case that haunts his career. So together, they’ll retrace her steps.

To find the scarred man she met beside a crimson river.

5 out of 5 stars

I absolutely loved Crimson River! I adored Lyla and Vance’s story and couldn't read it fast enough as their chemistry ignited, details emerged, and the story developed. It was sweet, emotional, and passionate with the perfect amount of light intrigue woven in. I was so hooked!

I loved Lyla and Vance. From their first meeting, they had an instant connection and I was pulled in. I loved the light flirting and the building sexual attraction. The looks Vance gave Lyla made me melt! I loved learning about them, what brought them together, and the full depth of what Vance was doing in Quincy. I felt for Lyla and the pain she'd endured. I loved her strength and how she helped Vance and was there for him.

I loved the small-town, homey feel like I was right there with Vance and Lyla. I appreciated that not all the secrets were given away at once, it really built, pulling me in, with all these great details. I loved the hints about Vance and the twists along the way. I loved the emotion and intensity as everything developed. It was captivating and exciting to read.

As always, I loved the Eden family and how the siblings were there for one another and all their special bonds. I also loved, adored, and can't wait for what's been set up for Mateo and his heroine in the next book, Sable Peak.

This was such a wonderful story. I was filled with anticipation and was excited the entire time, I had such a sense of urgency while reading. It flowed well and I loved the dual POVs. This was an excellent addition to the series and I loved every second!

Book Review: Crimson River by Devney Perry
"Loved this! It was an exciting read that had me hooked the entire time!" - About That Story

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