Book Review: Dream Maker (Dream Team #1) by Kristen Ashley

Once again, Kristen Ashley has blown me away. Dream Maker was everything I could have wanted and so much more. It was a seriously fantastic series starter and I can't wait to read every single story in the Dream Team series. You are going to love Evie and Danny!

Book Review: Dream Maker (Dream Team #1) by Kristen Ashley | About That Story
Dream Maker (Dream Team #1) by Kristen Ashley

From the New York Times bestselling author of the Dream Man and Rock Chick series comes a brand new story about love, friendship, and the bonds of sisterhood.

Evie is a bonafide nerd and a hyper-intelligent chick who has worked her whole life to get what she wants. Growing up, she had no support from her family and has only ever been able to rely on herself. So when Evie decides she wants to earn her engineering degree, she realizes she needs to take an alternative path to get there. She takes a job dancing at Smithie's club thinking this would be a quick side gig, where she can make the money she needs. But with her lack of dancing skills and an alpha bad boy who becomes overly protective, Evie realizes this might not be as easy as she thought.

Daniel "Mag" Magnusson knows a thing or two about pain, but the mask he wears is excellent. No one can tell that this good-looking, quick-witted, and roguish guy has deep-seated issues. Mag puts on a funny-guy routine so he can hide his broken heart and PTSD. But when Evie dances her way into Mag's life, he realizes that he needs to come face-to-face with the demons of his past if he wants a future with her.

5 out of 5 stars

Dream Maker is everything about Kristen Ashley that I love. It's had an amazing Rock Chick feel happening with some Dream Man mixed in and I couldn’t get enough. It was entertaining, sexy, and flirty! I loved the depth, development, and fun dialogue. It was an outstanding story and a fantastic start to a new series.

Evie and Danny were exceptional. Her awkward and quirky mixed with his alpha was perfection. There was great character development and I loved seeing them grow as I got to know them. Evie was wonderful! I felt for her and loved how hard she worked to make her life better. Danny was the best, so sweet, caring, and protective. There were just a lot of really tremendous standout moments between them that I loved and had me cheering. I felt for them and was rooting for them. I could feel the anguish and pain, love, and heat. It was all excellent!

This is the first in a series and I am beyond excited for what's to come. I loved meeting all of Danny and Evie’s friends and I’m thrilled with the pairings. I thought that fantastic groundwork has been laid for future books. I also LOVED seeing some of my favorite characters from other series, I was pretty much smiling my entire way through because of all the different connections. I also really enjoyed new characters that were introduced that brought some really great moments into the story.

I loved the details and descriptions, painting a vibrant picture. For me, it’s those details that make the story fuller and richer, pulling me in and making me a part of the world. When I started this, I had the same feeling I did when I read my very first Rock Chick book, it was thrilling. This story had an awesome, fun vibe that had me smiling and laughing my way through. There's a nice amount of emotion and heat, and of course, there's drama and a nice element of suspense that was exciting, it was just super entertaining.

I thought this was brilliant! I had that I can't read fast enough and I don't want it to end mindset happening. It had me excited the entire time. Dream Maker is officially a new favorite! 

Complimentary copy received for honest review.

Dream Maker by Kristen Ashley

Book Review: Dream Maker by Kristen Ashley | About That Story

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Book Review: Dream Maker by Kristen Ashley | About That Story

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