Book Review: Christmas on Reindeer Road (Highland Falls #2) by Debbie Mason

This story melted my heart! It was so sweet and entertaining and I had a fantastic time reading it. Christmas on Reindeer Road was a delightful and heartfelt story full of Christmas cheer!

Book Review: Christmas on Reindeer Road (Highland Falls #2) by Debbie Mason
Christmas on Reindeer Road (Highland Falls #2) Debbie Mason

Fans of RaeAnne Thayne and Debbie Macomber will love this USA Today bestselling author's latest holiday romance about two single parents whose holiday wishes come true in the small town of Highland Falls.

Can the magic of mistletoe bring together two busy single parents?

Mallory Maitland knows all too well what it's like to feel abandoned, which is why she's sworn never to give up on her two stepsons -- her late husband's children. But when the teens land in hot water, she's got a whole new problem: how to resist the caring and incredibly hot Chief of Police Gabriel Buchanan. All Mallory wants is to give the boys a magical holiday. She doesn't need the distraction of wondering what it would be like to kiss Gabriel under the mistletoe.

After his wife died, Gabriel left his job as an adrenaline-chasing New York City homicide detective to focus on raising his three sons. But back in Highland Falls, he doesn't have to go looking for trouble. It finds him -- in the form of a beautiful neighbor and her troublemaking stepchildren. With Gabriel's mother-in-law looking for any excuse to gain custody of his sons, Gabriel can't risk getting involved with Mallory, even though she's the only woman capable of making this Christmas -- and all the rest to come -- his best ever.

4 out of 5 stars

Christmas on Reindeer Road was a sweet, touching, and entertaining story! I laughed, cried, and cheered my way through. It was a truly wonderful read!

Gabe and Mallory were great characters. I adored Mallory and all she was doing for her stepsons and learning all the details related to their lives together. I felt for Gabe and what he was going through but admired his determination to do all he could for his boys. He and Mallory were so sweet together, I liked the bit of animosity they had in the beginning and loved their growing friendship, connection, and attraction. There were so many fun, playful scenes between these two that had me smiling.

There's an excellent cast of characters, from good guys to bad guys, that played into the story so well. Anything involving Gabe’s son Teddy was priceless, he was a little matchmaker and I adored his antics. I liked how all the kids were involved in the story and how the two families connected and I adored the different relationships taking place between Mallory, Gabe, and all the kids.

Right in the beginning, there was a lot being laid out, but after a chapter or two, I was all in. I liked the different layers, dynamics, and details. I was caught up in all the drama, stress, and emotion and turning the page as fast as I could because I couldn't wait for Gabe and Mallory to get together.

I thought there was really good character development, loved the build, and was caught up in it all. This was a light, entertaining read filled with goodness and heart and a nice amount of emotion mixed in. There’s a lot of conflicts presented and everything wrapped up nicely. I love how the theme of Christmas played into it as well. This was a delightful and heartfelt story full of Christmas cheer!

Complimentary copy received from Forever Romance for review.

Book Review: Christmas on Reindeer Road by Debbie Mason | About That Story
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Book Review: Christmas on Reindeer Road by Debbie Mason | About That Story

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