Book Review: Texas Splendor (Texas Trilogy #3) by Lorraine Heath

I had no idea when I started this series that it would consume me like it did! Texas Splendor was a fantastic addition with the most incredible build! I felt like I hung on every word as everything unfolded. I can't say enough good things about this book and series, it's a must-read for sure!

Book Review: Texas Splendor (Texas Trilogy #3) by Lorraine Heath
Texas Splendor (Texas Trilogy #3) by Lorraine Heath

A man on a mission...

After five grueling years in a Texas prison, Austin Leigh is finally a free man. He can’t wait to go home and be reunited with his sweetheart. But when he discovers she didn’t wait for him and is now married, he becomes more determined to clear his name of the crime he never committed.

Meets the one woman who could offer him salvation—and love...

En route to the state capital, he meets a young woman, Loree Grant, and her dog. When he learns that they have survived a mysterious tragedy, he is moved—and curious. And as he spends more time with the lovely, intriguing woman, he sees glimpses of a future he had thought was no longer possible as they both find a new lease on life—and a love that can overcome any obstacle . . .

5 out of 5 stars

Texas Splendor was an incredible read! I was thrilled to start Austin's story and couldn’t wait for him to get his HEA. This story is filled with so much heartbreak and healing, I couldn't read it fast enough!

This story had such an incredible build. I felt Austin’s pain and all the emotions he was going through after getting out of prison. I loved the longing he has in him for a new future even though he feels lost. I loved him meeting Loree and how they found solace in one another as she has her own painful past she's dealing with. I liked learning her history and felt for her. Austin was so incredibly sweet and I liked how his attraction to her grew. There was so much inner turmoil and loneliness between the two, I loved watching them come together and find a bit of peace, comfort, and love.

There was a fantastic build as the details unfolded and how hints of Austin and Loree’s lives evolved and intersected. The story kept getting more and more exciting to me because I loved seeing those dots connecting. There were so many emotional moments where I got choked up, but there were so many heartwarming ones as well. I loved the brothers and their wives, together they brought some lightheartedness that was needed in the midst of all the emotion. It was great getting updates on everyone and seeing how much certain characters have changed. I thought the ending was fantastic and the epilogue was perfect.

There was drama and tension that kept me on the edge of my seat and turning the page. This series has been all-consuming. I loved the details and the depth and the author's ability to make me feel so invested like I am a part of these people's lives. I am so glad I was able to read them all back to back and watched the growth and evolution of the characters. I can’t say enough good things about this book and series!

Book Review: Texas Splendor by Lorraine Heath | About That Story

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Book Review: Texas Splendor by Lorraine Heath | About That Story

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