Book Review: Raid (Unfinished Hero #3) by Kristen Ashley

How have I not met Raid before now? I loved him! This story was so addicting and an excellent addition to the Unfinished Hero series. I was hooked from start to finish!

Book Review: Raid (Unfinished Hero #3) by Kristen Ashley | About That Story
Raid (Unfinished Hero #2) by Kristen Ashley

Hanna Boudreaux has lived in the small town of Willow all her life. She’s sweet, cute and quiet.

Hanna has a moment of epiphany when she realizes her crush for forever, Raiden Ulysses Miller, is not ever going to be hers. She sees her life as narrow and decides to do something about it.

Raiden Miller is the town’s local hero. A former Marine with the medal to prove his hero status, he comes home, shrouded in mystery. It takes a while, but eventually Hanna catches his eye.

After all these years of Raid and Hanna living in the same town, the question is why? Is Raid interested in Hanna because she’s sweet and cute? Or does Raid have something else going on?

5 out of 5 stars

Raid pulled me in right from the start and I swear there was never a time I wanted to stop. It was all-consuming and intense. I loved the drama, tension, and emotion. I loved the healing and love, and all the different bonds. This was an excellent read!

Raid was fantastic. I didn't know anything about him going in and I loved how intense he was. He’s sexy, commanding and alpha and has his demons but he also has a heart of gold underneath it all. I loved learning his history and watching him grow over the course of the story. There were moments that he's not the most likable guy and I couldn't wait for him to start to heal and get his HEA. Even with all that intensity, he had these charming and sweet moments that I ate up. Hanna was so wonderful! She’s a bit shy, a little dorky at times, but so caring and giving. I loved her and learning about her crush on Raiden. She had such a great transformation over the course of the story. I loved them connecting, the looks they shared, the build to them opening their hearts, and the undeniable chemistry. They could be playful and fun and totally scorching hot.

I loved the character connections to other books and the storyline happening with Knight. I loved that Nick was evolved and I’m excited about his story. I was thrilled to meet Deacon as well and am looking forward to his book next. These guys, with their alpha ways, there’s something about them that makes me want to fix them and I love when they have their caring, open, vulnerable, lay-it-out moments. I adored, beyond measure, the bond that Hanna had with her grandmother. That was such a beautiful, heartfelt relationship that made me so happy.

I loved the details and build. There were a lot of fun parts mixed in bringing some levity. This was a compelling story from beginning to end with a heartfelt, sweet, and beautiful epilogue. I loved Hanna really coming out of her shell and Raiden getting the good life he deserves. This was a great addition to the series!

Book Review: Raid by Kristen Ashley | About That Story

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Book Review: Raid by Kristen Ashley | About That Story