Spotlight: The Doctor Is In Series by Max Monroe

Check out the brand-new, super hot covers for all three books in The Doctor Is In series by Max Monroe. I am loving the makeover. These covers are sexy! I'm ready to meet Will, Scott, and Nick! 

Spotlight: The Doctor Is In Series by Max Monroe | About That Story
The Doctor is In Series by Max Monroe
This is a series of sexy and hilarious romantic comedy standalones that revolve around three hot doctors that star on a reality television series called The Doctor Is In.

Dr. OB (The Doctor Is In #1)

Never mix business with pleasure.

Sound, easy-to-follow advice, until you find yourself fantasizing about your boss twenty-four hours a day.

Dr. Will Cummings is the star of a medical reality show that’s practically blown up overnight in popularity, and I’m the new nurse at his practice.

Unfortunately for me, I’m also the nurse who made a completely awkward first impression by introducing myself while he was in the middle of a pap smear and ending the day by accidentally showing him my ta-tas.

Yes, that’s right. I gave my new boss a peep show. Gah.

You’d think I’d have already put in my resignation and moved to Alaska, but no. I’m still here, getting to know just how much more Dr. Will is than a handsome face.

He’s funny, charming, and the kind of strong, successful man any woman would be lucky to land...including me.

Especially me.

I know he’s off-limits, but when it comes to my fantasies, the hot doctor is in.

Dr. ER (The Doctor Is In #2)

Relationship Status: I ended up in the ER after a first date gone horribly wrong, and the hottest, cockiest doctor on the planet had to give me stitches—the same man, dubbed Dr. Erotic by his superfans, who would make a once-in-a-lifetime story for my gossip column.

Dr. Scott Shepard has women all over the country tuning in to watch him strut around on the popular reality show The Doctor Is In. And he is the kind of sexy, anti-relationship player that makes headlines.

With a revolving door of women on his arm and nights off spent schmoozing around New York, I swear, the man is giving me more material than I know what to do with.

And although he might not be too thrilled with my column focusing on him, I won’t stop—not when I’m this close to making a name for myself on the pop culture side of investigative journalism.

Nor will I fall for that charming, panty-dropping smile of his.

When it comes to Dr. Erotic, I’m the one woman who’s immune.

Dr. NEURO (The Doctor Is In #3)

Red flag: I’m crushing hard on a broody brain surgeon who keeps his emotions close to the vest.

But hello, pot. Meet kettle. I’m the woman who, many years ago when I was young and na├»ve, left a man at the altar and hasn’t been in a relationship since.

Dr. Nick Raines is a brilliant neurosurgeon, hot as sin, and the newest doctor on the popular reality show The Doctor Is In, and I’m the woman who was tasked with stealing him away from his current hospital and convincing him to head up a brand-new facility aching to get his brilliance on their team.

He declined their offer on account of staying in New York for his little girl, and truthfully, my contact with him as his headhunter should’ve ended there.

But it didn’t, and now I’m wading a little too far in the deep end of the adult-emotions pool with Dr. Silent-and-Broody.

And if that weren’t already problematic enough, the world is a little too small, and my horrible past decisions are about to cause one giant complication.

Do two red flags cancel each other out? Or do they set you up for double the heartbreak?

Spotlight: The Doctor Is In Series by Max Monroe | About That Story
Thank you Max Monroe for the finished copies of Dr. ER, Dr. OB, and Dr. NEURO.
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Note from the authors: The Doctors Are In Series (formerly St. Luke's Docuseries) is a standalone romantic comedy series that brings all the laughs and spice! The books can be read out of order, but we recommend starting with Dr. OB first.  

All three books are full-length standalones. They are available in Kindle Unlimited, paperback, ebook, and audiobook on Amazon. Also, the stories are the same, the covers and series title just got a makeover.