New Release: An Unexpected Turn by Stephanie Rose

If you're a fan of single dads, age gaps, and small-town romance, then I've got the book for you. Get ready for witty banter and all the feels in the latest release from author Stephanie Rose. An Unexpected Turn is officially live!

New Release: An Unexpected Turn by Stephanie Rose
An Unexpected Turn by Stephanie Rose


After a risky affair cost me my self-respect, my credibility, and almost my job, I jump at the guidance counselor position that opens up in Uncle Keith’s small town. He’s the only father I’ve ever really known and the one I can turn to—even when I can’t tell him why.

No one here knows what a mess I am, and this clean slate seems perfect. At least until I run into 
my old crush, who’s only gotten better looking with age.

I won’t be another man’s dirty little secret, even if that crush I had as a teenager blossomed into something much more—something I can’t face.

Reasons Why Absolutely Nothing Can Happen Between Us:
    1. Jake is the single dad of one of my new students.
    2. Age gap. Age gap. Age gap.
    3. He’s my uncle’s best friend.


I didn’t realize the curvy brunette I flirted with outside my son’s school was my buddy’s sweet, shy niece, all grown-up now. I know better than to get involved.

My marriage crumbled, leaving me and my son with damage we’re still repairing. The last thing I need is to start something with someone fourteen years younger. Did I mention she’s the police chief’s surrogate daughter?

I’m old enough to know better, but I can’t keep my hands off her. I never expected to fall this hard. Even though it’s all wrong, nothing has ever felt this right.

Author’s Note: This deliciously scandalous, small-town, single dad standalone includes steamy times in front of a kitchen sink, a hot new use for a chocolate ice cream cone, and an alpha cinnamon-roll hero who’s very good with his hands.

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