Book Review: Cluelessly Yours by Max Monroe

Cluessly Yours was light, fun goodness, and just what I needed! This friends-to-lovers story with a single mom where he falls first is sure to leave a smile on your face.

New Release: Cluelessly Yours by Max Monroe
Cluelessly Yours (It's a Funny Story #3) by Max Monroe

The bad news? Getting hit by a cab can officially get crossed off my bucket list.

The worse news? While I’ve woken up from my coma, the man I’m in love with hasn’t stirred from his.

And the most terrible news of all? A pregnant woman is at his bedside, holding his hand, and saying that he’s the father of her baby.

Sammy Baker is a divorced, single mom trying to find her way again. With two boys and an absent ex-husband, she’s got the world on her shoulders and Legos under her feet.

Amid the chaos lives the dream of, one day, finding love again.

Though, she didn’t think that would land her smack-dab in the middle of two men.

Will Sammy choose the successful businessman who doesn’t hesitate to tell her he’s interested? Or will she go for the eligible bachelor doctor with a constant influx of women vying for his attention?

The smart choice and what the heart wants are two different things. And sometimes, fate has a way of making it so the choice isn’t ours at all.

4 out of 5 stars

Cluelessly Yours was a seriously fun story! I laughed and smiled my way through as Sammy found her happily ever after. This was light and entertaining and I loved the details and build as everything developed. I could not wait for the main couple to get together.

I loved Sammy. I found her relatable and thought she had the best internal dialogue. I loved her resetting her life and doing all she could for her boys. There’s a pretty low-key, love triangle in play that made for an intriguing addition to the story as Sammy figures out what she wants out of life. There are revelations and a few little twists that keep it moving along nicely but it's presented in an enjoyable, easy way. The hero was totally swoon-worthy! He was sweet and charming, and so patient and caring, and I couldn't get enough of him.  

Thanks to the love triangle aspect, there's a small amount of drama happening and a tiny bit of angst and I couldn't wait to see what would happen next. I liked the build and how the POVs were set up. Sammy’s kids are adorable and crazy and I love getting to see Brooke and Chase. I also adored seeing Sammy and Brooke’s sisterly bond. While there was some mild drama, I thought this was mostly light-hearted goodness with the right amount of emotion mixed in.

This story made for a great read full of laughs and feels and a bit of drama and angst. It was super entertaining and left me smiling.

Book Review: Cluelessly Yours by Max Monroe | About That Story
"Light and entertaining story that had me laughing and smiling!" - About That Story

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This was light and fun and I had a blast reading it. RomComs for the win! Do you have a favorite romantic comedy? Let me know!