Book Review: Best Frenemies by Max Monroe

I had such a blast reading Best Frenemies. This story had the perfect combination of enemies-to-lovers, forced-proximity, and opposites-attract and I was all about it. It was filled with so many great moments I couldn't get enough!

Book Review: Best Frenemies by Max Monroe
Best Frenemies (It's a Funny Story #2) by Max Monroe

Going tit for tat with the man you hate is all fun and games until things get literal…and the jerk sees you naked.

My beach getaway was only supposed to include three things: relaxation, wine, and fun in the sun.

Mack Houston, on the other hand, should have never—
ever—been involved.

In no uncertain terms, he’s the bane of my existence.
The thorn in my side.
The sexy Mr. Good-Time Guy who drives me up the wall and my work archnemesis for the past five years.

He’s the
 last person I want to get stuck anywhere with—it’s bad enough that I have to see him every day at work—and yet, because of a booking error (or curse of the universe, as I like to call it), I’m stuck in the same vacation rental with him for an entire week.

I’m going to end up in jail.
Or worse, I might just give in to the insane urge to find out if his lips are really as kissable as they look.

One way or the other, disaster feels imminent.

5 out of 5 stars

I loved every second of Best Frenemies! It was the perfect combination of entertaining, sweet, and sexy. I laughed more times than I could count with all the fun scenes and fantastic banter. It made me happy to read from beginning to end.

Mack and Katy had amazing chemistry. I loved their banter in the beginning and how Mack pushed Katy's buttons, it was antagonistic but playful. I loved learning about them and what formed them into who they are. Mack was such a sweetheart, I loved him and I loved how he cared for Katy. I totally got Katy and her personality and how she freaked out over certain things. I loved her coming out of her shell and really putting herself out there because she felt such a connection to Mack. There were so many stand-out moments between these two that had me cracking up. I loved the dialogue and texting, and both of their internal thoughts had me cracking up. I loved the different tropes involved and I could feel the sexual tension between them coming to a boil because their attraction was so off the charts. When things get heated and explode between these two, it was awesome.

I loved all the characters involved and the witty scenes they helped to create. They were spot-on and well timed always leaving me smiling. I have not read the Billionaire Bad Boys series yet, but after getting to see all the guys who are involved, I had to add the series to my TBR. I also love the connection with Accidental Attachment, that was a hilarious addition.

This was such a laugh-out-loud, entertaining read and I couldn't get enough of it. It flowed well and I loved the dual POVs. There was just the right amount of emotion and mild drama mixed in to round it all out. I loved the build to the end and the surprises learned along the way, it was amazing and I cried and cheered at the same time. This was outright fun and 100% enjoyable. I loved it all!

Complimentary copy received from That's What She Said Publishing.

Book Review: Best Frenemies by Max Monroe | About That Story
"This was the perfect combination of entertaining, sweet, and sexy!" - About That Story

Thank you That's What She Said Publishing for the advanced copy of Best Frenemies.

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