Book Love + Links: Dec. 19, 2020

Book Love + Links: Dec. 19, 2020 | About That Story

Book Love + Links is a fun feature where I share Book Love, which could be about anything that is book-related plus Links where I will be sharing things that are lifestyle-related like fun finds, products, recipes, and things I would recommend. Enjoy!

Awesome surprise book mail arrived this week! Riley Thorn and the Dead Guy Next Door is in the house. A big THANK YOU goes out to Lucy Score for sending the paperback, it absolutely made my day. If you have not read this book, I highly recommend it. Find my full review HERE and check out my Instagram post HERE.

Moved to the top of my TBR: A Heart of Blood and Ashes by Milla Vane. This has been on my TBR forever and after scrolling through Instagram and seeing three separate accounts talk about how awesome it was, I had to move it up.

One of my favorite authors had a new release this week. Be sure to check out Dream Chaser by Kristen Ashley. It's a spin-off of two of my favorite series and I am loving it. Check out my review HERE.

I updated my Holiday Romance Reads and Recommendations page so be sure to check it out. 

I'm counting the days to the release of Forsaken Trail by Devney Perry. Enemies to lovers and an accidental pregnancy? Oh heck ya, sign me up!

New on my TBR this week is Indigo Ridge by Devney Perry. This is the first book in The Edens series. I could have sworn it was already on my TBR but when I checked Goodreads, I hadn't added it yet. A mistake a quickly rectified.

What do you think of my Candy Cane Trope Stack in the above photo? I had so much fun participating in this challenge on Instagram but it took forever to put my books away. Check out my post HERE.

Do you have any book-related items on your Christmas list? I don't have too many but I've been eyeballing this pretty Kindle cover in yellow. It's bright and cheery. I like it!  

I'm resharing a recipe... Instant Pot Easy Posole with Chicken. I made it before and decided to make it again this week. I'm pretty sure it's going to become a new staple in our house.

What shows are you binge-watching? We've been going back and forth between 24 on Hulu and Into the Badlands on Netflix. Totally different shows but we're hooked on both. 

We finished watching The Mask Singer! It's just so freaking entertaining! Now that it's over, I plan on going back and watching the other seasons.

I've got a list of Christmas treats to make and I think this year I'll be adding these delicious looking Double Chocolate Crinkle Cookies from Sally's Baking Addiction.

My new planner has arrived! This is my fourth year using a Bloom Daily Planner and I love them. It's great for what I'm using it for, sturdy but not too big and there are stickers involved. I got a variety pack and a seasonal holiday pack. This is one of those items that makes me happy and helps keep me organized. This is the one I chose and I love it. I'm stepping it up this year with some color coding so I ordered these colored mechanical pencils from Paper Mate. I didn't even know they made colored mechanical pencils. They're so adorable!

Let me know about your fun finds this week! Drop a comment below.

Happy Holidays!

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