Book Review: Dream Chaser (Dream Team #2) by Kristen Ashley

Happy release day to Dream Chaser by Kristen Ashley! I devoured this book. I picked it up and that was it, I was consumed and had to know everything about Boone and Ryn. It was exciting, passionate, and intense. This story is not to be missed!

Book Review: Dream Chaser (Dream Team #2) by Kristen Ashley | About That Story
Dream Chaser (Dream Team #2) by Kristen Ashley

In this steamy, addictive contemporary romance spinning off the New York Times bestselling Dream Man and Rock Chick series, Ryn Jansen must put her trust in the one man she wants -- and the one man she can't let herself have.

Ryn Jansen has no interest in taking a risk on Boone Sadler. Thanks to a long list of men who've done nothing but let her down, Ryn vows to stay far away from the caring, protective commando. And when Boone confronts Ryn with evidence that her loved ones are conning her, Ryn is less than thrilled -- with her family and Boone. But even as Boone proves he's the kind of guy to meet her every need, she doesn't trust him to stay when life gets hard . . .

Boone Sadler's never been one to back down from a challenge. He's determined to show the funny, sexy Ryn that the irresistible connection between them is worth exploring. But caring for Ryn's heart and body becomes a matter of life and death when Ryn's beloved niece and nephew are put in danger and dirty cops begin gunning for Ryn. Soon Boone realizes their romance is in danger of more than heartbreak -- and to have any future together, they'll have to put their trust in each other.

5 out of 5 stars

I absolutely love how Kristen Ashley tells a story, pulling me into a rich and detailed world with well thought out characters with so much depth. I always feel like I'm a part of it, caught up in everything. Dream Chaser was such an amazing story filled with intrigue, heart, and passion. I loved it!

I loved Ryn and this incredible strength she had to keep pushing forward in life to accomplish her dreams. She had a tenacity to her I adored. Boone was so caring and sweet with such a big heart, I couldn’t get enough of him. He was so alpha and in control and had a whole Dom thing happening that was sexy and commanding. I loved Ryn and Boone butting heads and that animosity between them. I really loved them opening up and connecting and the vulnerability and rawness they had as they came together, her sub to his Dom. There were some really nice, hot scenes in this with some light BDSM elements as well. I loved learning their history, the pains of their past, and how that affected their lives in the present.

This story had such an exceptional build as everything unfolded. I loved the different scenes and dramas taking place with Ryn’s family and the threat against her, it kept me on my toes. I loved seeing some of my favorites from the Dream Man and Rock Chick series as well. It added a nice amount of fun and entertainment into the tenseness of the story. The Dream Team series is a great combination of both those worlds colliding with a great mix of fun, drama, and intrigue. I loved the hints of what's to come in the next book with Hattie as she's paired up with Axl. I am so curious about her life, I can't wait to find out all the things.

Dream Chaser was exciting to read! Entertaining, intense, and sexy! I loved the emotion, the heat, and the amazing build as histories were learned, hearts grew, and drama ensued. Fantastic story!

Complimentary copy received from Forever Romance.

Dream Chaser by Kristen Ashley

Book Review: Dream Chaser by Kristen Ashley | About That Story
Thank you Forever Romance for the advanced copy of Dream Chaser.

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Dream Chaser is a spin-off series of the Dream Man and Rock Chick series. Do you enjoy spin-offs? Let me know!

Book Review: Dream Chaser by Kristen Ashley | Kristen Ashley

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