Book Review: The Sinner (Black Dagger Brotherhood #18) by J. R. Ward

This book! Wow! I am thrilled with the outcome of The Sinner and all the drama that ensued. So many twists and turns. I couldn't get enough of Jo and Syn, they were fantastic. This was another awesome book in the series you won't want to miss!

Book Review: The Sinner (Black Dagger Brotherhood #18) by J. R. Ward
The Sinner (Black Dagger Brotherhood #18) by J. R. Ward

A sinner’s only hope is true love in this passionate new novel in J.R. Ward’s #1 New York Times bestselling Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

Syn has kept his side hustle as a mercenary a secret from the Black Dagger Brotherhood. When he takes another hit job, he not only crosses the path of the vampire race’s new enemy, but also that of a half-breed in danger of dying during her transition. Jo Early has no idea what her true nature is, and when a mysterious man appears out of the darkness, she is torn between their erotic connection and the sense that something is very wrong.

Fate anointed Butch O’Neal as the Dhestroyer, the fulfiller of the prophecy that foresees the end of the Omega. As the war with the Lessening Society comes to a head, Butch gets an unexpected ally in Syn. But can he trust the male—or is the warrior with the bad past a deadly complication?

With time running out, Jo gets swept up in the fighting and must join with Syn and the Brotherhood against true evil. In the end, will love true prevail...or was the prophecy wrong all along?

5 out of 5 stars

The Sinner was amazingly epic! All the characters. The fight. The passion. The Brothers. The love. It was incredible! Another outstanding story in the Black Dagger Brotherhood world.

I was immediately immersed in the story, learning everything about Jo and Syn, what was going on with Butch, the fight with the Omega, and the new evil that was previously outed. I loved all the details, depth, and amazing build. This story reminded me of the first books in this series with all the different layers, exceptional character development, and the camaraderie between the Brothers and the humor that's added. It was so well thought out and well done.

I was thrilled for Jo’s story. I loved the connections to her that were mentioned in previous books, I was excited to see those brought to the forefront. She was such a strong heroine and I loved her fight for the truth and to understand what was going on with herself. Syn has been this hard-core mystery so I loved getting into his past and learning why he is the way he is. It's intense yet sweet, passionate, and drama-filled. He's got some issues he's dealing with, to say the least, but I loved his growth over the course of the story and his redemption. I was so excited while reading and learning everything, seeing the dots connect and getting them confirmed about Jo, it was like stars aligning. 

I loved the drama, action, and emotion. Everything was phenomenal.  The new evil that's in play is an OMG kind of thing, learning everything about that was awesome. I loved those details and how it all came together, it was fantastic! I adored all the Brothers and their bonds. There are a lot of really great, stand out moments in this. Lassiter was marvelous, and I really loved seeing more of Butch and V’s relationship. 

This was just brilliant. From start to finish I was hooked. I had a million questions and wanted to know everything. I pretty much inhaled it! I thought it was action-packed, on-the-edge-of-my-seat intense! This was a pivotal book in the series that is not to be missed. Loved it all! Thank you, J. R. Ward, for bringing this world to life and making me feel like I'm a part of it.

Book Review: The Sinner by J. R. Ward | About That Story

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I am addicted to this series. I pre-order the hardcovers as soon as they're announced. What's a series you're completely addicted to? Let me know!

Book Review: The Sinner by J. R. Ward | About That Story

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