Book Review: Wild Wind (Chaos #6.6) by Kristen Ashley

Jagger and Archie were so fantastic and I loved the wild ride they were on. Wild Wind was packed full of emotion, heart, and healing, I loved it all. I am thrilled the Black boys got their happily ever afters! This is one of my favorite series and I pretty much want to shout CHAOS FOREVER!!! ⁠

Book Review: Wild Wind (Chaos #6.6) by Kristen Ashley | About That Story
Wild Wind (Chaos #6.6) by Kristen Ashley

When he was sixteen years old, Jagger Black laid eyes on the girl who was his. At a cemetery. During her mother’s funeral.

For years, their lives cross, they feel the pull of their connection, but then they go their separate ways.

But when Jagger sees that girl chasing someone down the street, he doesn’t think twice before he wades right in. And when he gets a full-on dose of the woman she’s become, he knows he finally has to decide if he’s all in or if it’s time to cut her loose.

She’s ready to be cut loose.

But Jagger is all in.

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5 out of 5 stars

Wild Wind was an amazing story filled with so much healing and love and I absolutely loved it! Jagger officially has my heart and I adored Archie. They had a fantastic journey finding their way to each other and I couldn’t get enough!

The prologue pulled me in right away when Jagger and Archie first connect and I loved every detail of their missed encounters, the angst, and the anticipation of when they’d see each other again. It felt like an awesome slow burn at the beginning of the story. Once they truly meet, it was this instantaneous chemistry that couldn't be denied. Jagger was such an incredible guy with a big heart. I felt for him and what he was missing from his life and the conflict and all the feelings he was experiencing. I loved Archie! She’s a bold, self-driven woman with a bit of attitude who was so giving and did everything she could to help others. I loved her vibrant personality.

Jagger and Archie both have things they're dealing with, and it's heartbreaking and uplifting all at once. Archie's got some family drama she’s dealing with and Jag is struggling with serious inner turmoil and emotion. I liked them opening up and laying it out, all their declarations and hopes. Jag was battling so much internally and I was rooting for him. When he gets there, it was so intense and emotional, it broke me a little. I loved that drama, as heart-wrenching as it was, and the healing it brought on. I loved how they were there for one another and how patient Archie was giving Jagger just what he needed.

The smaller stories happening were the perfect addition and I loved the bonds that were being made. I loved seeing the Chaos men and the poignant and real moments with them. There were so many and I couldn’t get enough. I loved Jag’s brotherly bond with Dutch and fatherly one with Hound. I adored meeting Archie's crew and all the different moments and updates on past characters in the series. There were just a lot of really great scenes that made my heart happy.

I loved the descriptions, details, and awesome dialogue. This story had so many sweet and fun moments mixed in to balance out the emotion as well as some flirty, sexy ones too. Archie and Jagger had a heck of a journey but I loved them coming out on the other side and finding some peace and each other. From beginning to end, I was all about Jag and Archie and the crazy ride they were on!

Wild Wind by Kristen Ashley

Book Review: Wild Wind by Kristen Ashley | About That Story

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Kristen Ashley is one of my all-time favorite authors. Who are some of your favorite authors? Let me know!

Book Review: Wild Wind by Kristen Ashley | About That Story

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