Book Review: Oops, I've Fallen by Max Monroe

I can't tell you how many times I laughed out loud while reading Oops, I've Fallen. It was so freaking funny! I loved Carly and Ryan and their parents are goals! If you're looking for light and fun (and sexy!), then look no further.

Book Review: Oops, I've Fallen by Max Monroe
Oops, I've Fallen by Max Monroe

If my time with Ryan Miller were a hit track on the radio, I imagine the lyrics would go something like this…

“We’re so different, but they say opposites attract. Oops, I’ve fallen, and my heart doesn’t want to come back.”

But, holy bingo night, is my attraction to the sexy, broody businessman so much more complicated than the chorus of a song.

His dad lives right next to my mom, and after the two of them suffered an unexplained accident while taking down holiday decorations, both Ryan and I were forced to become the only thirtysomething residents of Sunny Creek Village Independent Senior Living Community.

Temporarily moving in might seem like overkill for a fractured tailbone and a severely pulled groin muscle, but believe me, when your mom is as wild as mine and your dad is as cantankerous as Ryan’s, they need supervision to ensure they stick to doctor’s orders.

Constantly thrown together by the antics of our crazy parents and the tough-as-nails community enforcer, Betty Matthews, Ryan and I formed an alliance for the sole purpose of survival.

But I never expected to be so interested in finding out what he was hiding beneath his grumpy, serious demeanor. More than that, I never dreamed what I found would be the kind of man women sell their souls to the devil for.

Unfortunately, our little one-hit wonder on the airwaves has more to say before it comes to an end. Although, finishing the outro to this song is a real doozy...

Tell me…what lyric rhymes with 
Oops, I’ve fallen for my future stepbrother?

5 out of 5 stars

The wit, the fun, the snark… I couldn't get enough of Oops, I’ve Fallen. I laughed and smiled my way through this. This story was filled with entertaining moments, hilarious dialogue, and awesome characters. I never wanted it to end!

As soon as I met Carly and Ryan, I instantly loved them and knew I was in for a fantastic opposites-attract romance and I was not wrong. I was laughing right from the start. Carly is wild and flies by the seat of her pants and Ryan is a total by-the-book kind of guy yet somehow, they perfectly balanced each other out. There were so many amazing scenes between these two and I loved their internal dialogue and back-and-forth banter. It flowed well and I loved the ease between them as everything played out. I loved Carly and Ryan's playfulness, how they commiserate about their parents, and the bond they formed. They also had this building heat and chemistry that I loved, and when everything came to a head, it was exciting and sex-ay!

As for their parents, Stella and Sal were the best! I loved them and their seriously cute innuendos. The crazy shenanigans these two got up to were just so amusing but also so sweet and heartwarming. Some of their commentary had me rolling. Of course, there's a would-be villain and I even loved her and the extra fun she brought.

This was hilariously funny but there’s also a nice amount of heartfelt moments mixed in with a good amount of emotion at the end. I loved the conflict that arose and the ups and downs of Carly and Ryan working everything out. The ending was wonderful and the epilogue made me ridiculously happy. Honestly, the whole story made me ridiculously happy! This was an incredible story with priceless moments that had me smiling so hard my face hurt.

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"Hilariously entertaining!" - About That Story

Thank you Max Monroe for the finished copy of Oops, I've Fallen.

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