Book Review: The Dixon Rule by Elle Kennedy

Holy WOW this was FANTASTIC! I loved the characters, the entertaining banter, the emotion, and the heat. Diana and Shane were everything. This is officially one of my favorite reads of the year!

Book Review: The Dixon Rule by Elle Kennedy
The Dixon Rule (Campus Diaries #2) by Elle Kennedy

The second book in the steamy, hilarious Campus Diaries series by New York Times bestselling author Elle Kennedy, set in the same world as Off Campus and Briar U.

“I told them I had a girlfriend.”
I start to laugh. “This is the greatest day of my life.”
“Oh, it gets better, Dixon. I told them it was you.”

Diana Dixon has a lot going on this summer. She’s rehearsing for a ballroom dance competition, juggling two jobs, and dealing with an ex-boyfriend who can’t take the hint it’s over. Yet despite all that, she still has plenty of time and energy to tell Shane Lindley to screw off.

Shane just moved into her apartment building and seems dedicated to sleeping his way through her entire cheerleading squad. Sure, he’s a tall, gorgeous hockey player, but he’s messing with her turf. This calls for some ground rules: no parties in her apartment, leave her teammates alone, and—most importantly—leave 
her alone.

What Diana doesn’t realize is that Shane’s sick of hookups and tired of being on the rebound after his long-term girlfriend called it quits. He wants a relationship. And when his ex comes back into the picture, he pretends he has one to make her jealous…and who better to play the girlfriend role than his sassy new neighbor?

Despite Diana’s reluctance to break her rule, a fake relationship is the perfect solution for her own ex issues, and soon she can’t deny something is sizzling between her and Shane. Something hot and completely unexpected.

And it might just be getting a little too real.

5 out of 5 stars

I can't express how much I loved The Dixon Rule. 6 stars! I loved the characters and the evolution of their relationship. I loved the banter and the dialogue. I loved the emotion and intensity. I loved the growth and healing. It was an incredibly entertaining story that made me laugh and swoon but it was so much more. I was invested in Diana and Shane’s lives, I felt for them and hung on every word. This story consumed me!

I loved Diana. This woman was a sassy spitfire and I loved her fierce, take no crap attitude. Shane was such a sweetheart, a good guy at the core and so much more than the player he was seen as. I loved learning about them and their lives and families. I like the banter between them and how it morphed from cutting too playful. I loved watching their relationship grow as their layers were peeled back and I really got to see who they were, I thought there was an excellent progression and build. There were so many hilarious moments, I couldn't get enough. I loved it when they started to catch feelings and open up. Their sexual tension and chemistry was off the charts. When things get steamy it was cold shower inducing! Shane in control is beyond hot. There’s a kitchen scene and let’s just say that a fire extinguisher is required since that baby was total fire!

It's not all easy though because there's tension and angst from outside sources creating awesome, yet nerve-wracking drama. I felt so much for Diana and what she was going through while she dealt with her ex. It was gripping and very emotional. Shane had some upheaval of his own and reading it just about broke me. It was so well written, so real, it was gut-wrenching. I felt like I was right there with him, experiencing his pain. I loved how they were there for one another during their turmoil, supporting each other. I love all the emotion it brought out of me and how it made me feel.

There were so many great characters. I loved Diana's neighbors in her apartment complex, they were a fun addition. I loved seeing Gigi and Ryder and the guys from the Off-Campus series. I'm curious about what will happen with Will and I loved meeting Blake Logan. I liked how their Briar friends and teammates were involved. There were just a lot of witty scenes mixed in that I adored thanks to these people.

From those first words that drew me in, the character development, the fun scenes, the passion, the emotion, and the healing, it was exceptional. It's a remarkable thing when a story makes me smile, and fall in love with the amazing characters but also makes me hold my breath and shatter my heart. This was definitely a 6-star read for me. New favorite!

Complimentary copy received.

Book Review: The Dixon Rule by Elle Kennedy | About That Story
"Exceptional story with fantastic characters, the best banter, and all the swoons!" - About That Story

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This is officially one of my favorite books of 2024. Do you have any favorites for the year? Let me know!