Book Review: Coach by Devney Perry

I was thrilled when Coach hit my Kindle, I pretty much dropped everything to read it. This book contains some of my favorite tropes and I couldn't read it fast enough. The build to Ford and Millie's HEA was fantastic and I enjoyed every second. Be sure to check it out! 

Book Review: Coach by Devney Perry
Coach (Treasure State Wildcats #1) by Devney Perry

single dad, sports romance from Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author, Devney Perry.

Football star. Single dad. And once, a long time ago, mine.

I’ve spent the better part of a decade forgetting Ford Ellis. If he had just stayed away from Montana, I might have erased the memory of his striking blue eyes and rugged smile forever. Avoiding him was easy when the only place I saw his face was on ESPN—and a remote control could fix that problem.

Except my boss just hired Ford as the new head coach for the Treasure State Wildcats. Not only will I be stuck watching him on the sidelines this season, but avoiding him will be impossible now that we’re working together.

Maybe I haven’t forgotten Ford. Maybe I still dream about what we might have been. Maybe he hasn’t forgotten me either.

Except those maybes won’t change the fact that we were never meant to be. Maybe he was mine once. But as of today, the only thing I’ll be calling Ford Ellis is Coach.

5 out of 5 stars

I absolutely adored Coach! Millie and Ford were the best. I couldn't read it fast enough and there was never a time I wanted to put it down because I felt so pulled into the story. From the sweet moments to the playful ones, the drama, emotion, and heat, this book was fantastic!

I loved learning all about Millie and Ford. I hurt for them when I learned about their history but loved all the tension, emotion, and angst as they reconnected and got to know one another in the present day. I loved Ford and what a big heart he had, trying to do the right thing, and always putting his daughter first. I loved Millie instantly and felt for her and the feelings she had for Ford. I loved her moving forward and healing from the past and building something new with him. I loved their push and pull and the somewhat forbidden aspect since they worked together. I thought they had amazing chemistry and I loved the sexual tension between them. When they truly connected, it was explosive. There were a lot of fun, entertaining moments too that I enjoyed.

There was a well-rounded cast of characters, including some villain types that created some nice drama. I felt it was light drama, not too stressful, just enough to keep me rooting for Ford and Millie to get to their happily ever after. I loved the details and build and how the story flowed with the dual POVs. I felt like I was right there with Ford and Millie, feeling all the things.

Devney Perry is a master at small-town romance and I always love how she integrates a single parent, but I loved the added sports aspect too. This was sweet and fun and super sexy with just the right amount of drama. Loved it! 

Complimentary copy received.

Book Review: Coach by Devney Perry | About That Story
"Fantastic story! I loved the drama, emotion, and heat!" - About That Story

Thank you Valentine PR for the advanced copy of Coach.

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