Book Review: Perfect Together by Kristen Ashley

I love a story that makes me feel and Perfect Together did just that. I adored Wyn and Remy's ups and downs and loved watching them come out on the other side with a wonderful HEA. Be sure to check out the latest release from author Kristen Ashley!

Book Review: Perfect Together by Kristen Ashley
Perfect Together by Kristen Ashley

Wyn and Remy Gastineau were perfect together…

Until, without warning, Remy walks out on their life, their love and their marriage.

Wyn is blindsided and heartbroken. It takes her years to get over the loss of Remy.

Sometime later, their children call a family meeting and Remy is acting strange. Wyn refuses to hope. Remy has moved on. She must do the same.

But she’s wrong.

Remy wants her back and he’s pulling no punches. He’s determined to do the work to piece together the marriage he shattered. Forced by circumstances to tell Wyn things he never wanted her to know, Remy reveals his tragic secrets.

As the family reels from pain long buried now laid bare, Wyn realizes instead of letting go, she has to hold tight to the man and the family they made that’s perfect together.

4 out of 5 stars

Perfect Together was a beautiful, raw, and real story filled with heart-wrenching moments, healing, and love and I adored it all. It was an emotion-filled second chance romance about wonderful, strong-willed, and broken characters and their journey of reconnecting, facing hard truths, and coming out on the other side. I found it completely captivating and thought it was a fantastic read.

I really liked learning about Wyn and Remy. I felt like I was thrown into their turmoil and pain right from the start. I hurt for them and rooted for them as bit by bit we learn why Remy made the choices he did, what happened in the in-between while they were apart, and the steps Remy had to take to fix his mistakes. It was hard to learn some of his truths but I loved how Wyn and their kids were there for him with their unconditional love. Wyn had some difficult things of her own that she was dealing with and I liked how she tried to work through that situation. I loved Wyn and Remy’s chemistry together and their deep and passionate love.

I really enjoyed the details and layers as the story developed and I felt completely invested in Remy and Wyn’s lives. There was a lot of good, low-key drama throughout that added a nice amount of tension. I felt the focus was more on emotion with real, poignant moments and messy life situations. I could feel the rawness of it all vibrating through me as I read. There were a lot of different things happening, it went places I was not expecting but I absolutely enjoyed it. I adored the bonds the family had and how they were all there for one another. There were a lot of fun moments happening as well thanks to Wyn’s friend group. They created some entertaining scenes which brought a nice amount of levity when needed.

In the end, it filled me with a feeling of hope and love because Remy and Wyn came out on the other side and found their way back together. I love a story that makes me feel and this story did just that. It was a heck of a ride and I enjoyed it all!

Complimentary copy received.

Book Review: Perfect Together by Kristen Ashley | About That Story
"Beautiful, emotion-filled second chance romance!" - About That Story

Thank you Rock Chick Press for the advanced copy of Perfect Together.

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Perfect Together was a rollercoaster of emotion but totally worth the ride! What's the last book you read that put your emotions through the wringer? Let me know!