Cover Reveal: Dotted Lines (Runaway Road #5) by Devney Perry

How gorgeous is the cover for the fifth and final standalone book in the Runaway series? I love it! I am so excited to finally meet Karson, I've been so intrigued by him since he was first introduced. March needs to hurry up and get here already!

Cover Reveal: Dotted Lines (Runaway Road #5) by Devney Perry
Dotted Lines (Runaway Road #5) by Devney Perry

Release Date: March 2, 2021

Clara Saint-James is completing a journey started by an old friend. She’ll return a Cadillac to California, a place she’s avoided for more than a decade. But it’s time for closure and to put old ghosts to rest. And it’s time to find out if the feelings she’s cherished for the boy from her past are just fanciful memories—or if there’s a chance they are real.

Timing was never on her side, especially when it came to Karson Avery. The two of them lived in a junkyard as runaway teens, and though she wanted more than his friendship, he always belonged to another—until that one night when he was hers.

When Clara finds Karson living in a small, coastal town, she’s not surprised the beautiful boy from her past grew into a stunning man. His smile is as captivating as ever. His eyes have the same roguish glint. But timing is still working against her. 

Clara must decide how far she’s willing to go to battle for Karson’s heart. Or if it’s time to let him go and surrender to the dotted lines that have always kept them apart. 

Cover Reveal: Dotted Lines (Runaway Road #5) by Devney Perry

Love the alternate covers for this series? Here's the special edition of Dotted LinesThis version will be available to preorder in paperback as the release day gets closer. 

Cover Reveal: Dotted Lines (Runaway Road #5) by Devney Perry - Alternate Cover

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Cover Reveal: Dotted Lines (Runaway Road #5) by Devney Perry

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