Book Review: Taking the Leap by Kristen Ashley

Taking the Leap was a wonderful addition to the River Rain series. I loved Alex and Rix finding their way together, all the emotion and drama, and the fantastic cast of characters. I am loving the world Kristen Ashley created! 

Book Review: Taking the Leap by Kristen Ashley
Taking the Leap (River Rain #3) by Kristen Ashley

From New York Times bestselling author Kristen Ashley comes the new book in her River Rain Series, Taking the Leap.

Alexandra Sharp has been crushing on her co-worker, John “Rix” Hendrix for years. He’s her perfect man, she knows it.

She’s just not his perfect woman, and she knows that too.

Then Rix gives Alex a hint that maybe there’s a spark between them that, if she takes the leap, she might be able to fan into a flame. This leads to a crash and burn, and that’s all shy Alex needs to catch the hint never to take the risk again.

However, with undeniable timing, Rix’s ex, who broke his heart, and Alex’s family, who spent her lifetime breaking hers, rear their heads, gearing up to offer more drama. With the help of some matchmaking friends, Rix and Alex decide to face the onslaught together…

As a fake couple.

4.5 out of 5 stars

Taking the Leap was a fantastic story filled with all kinds of goodness that made my heart happy. I loved the entertaining moments, the drama, all the emotion, and the healing. I loved learning about Rix and Alex, watching them fall in love, and move forward in their lives. It was a wonderful and beautiful story and I never wanted to put it down.

Rix and Alex were amazing. I loved watching Alex and her shy self crush on Rix and him being totally clueless about her feelings and how things evolved from there. I loved learning bout Rix, his accident and disability, and all the feelings he was not dealing with. I liked learning about Alex’s family dynamic and how she thrived. Together they were sweet and sexy and I loved their chemistry. I loved Alex showing more of her personality and coming out of her shell. They had so many great moments together as Rix dealt with his feelings, it was intense and emotional. I loved the push and pull between them, the fire and attraction, and the smoking hot heat. 

This was incredibly entertaining with humorous parts and some seriously heartbreaking ones too. I loved the build, layers, and depth and was excited while reading. I loved getting more Chloe and Judge, I adored Chloe and her meddling, matchmaking ways. I loved Rix’s relationship with Judge and the ups and downs they experienced but how they are always there for one another. There was a well-rounded cast of characters involved, not all of them likable but they definitely created a nice amount of drama and tension. From Rix’s ex to Alex’s family, there was a lot to deal with and I was all in.

I thought this was a compelling story and got choked up several times. I felt pulled into the world of River Rain and the characters' lives. Taking the Leap was an excellent read, I loved it from start to finish!

Book Review: Taking the Leap by Kristen Ashley | About That Story
"Fantastic story! I loved it from start to finish!" - About That Story

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