Book Review: Fighting the Pull by Kristen Ashley

Fighting the Pull was a fantastic read! I fell completely in love with Hale and Elsa. They had me feeling all the things and I was invested the entire time. This was a wonderful addition to the River Rain series and is not to be missed!

Book Review: Fighting the Pull by Kristen Ashley
Fighting the Pull (River Rain #5) by Kristen Ashley

From New York Times bestselling author Kristen Ashley comes the new book in her River Rain Series, Fighting the Pull.

Hale Wheeler inherited billions from his father. He’s decided to take those resources and change the world for the better. He’s married to his mission, so he doesn’t have time for love.

There’s more lurking behind this decision. He hasn’t faced the tragic loss of his father, or the bitterness of his parents’ divorce. He doesn’t intend to follow in his father’s footsteps, breaking a woman’s heart in a way it will never mend. So he vows he’ll never marry.

But Hale is intrigued when he meets Elsa Cohen, the ambitious celebrity news journalist who has been reporting on his famous family. He warns her off, but she makes him a deal. She’ll pull back in exchange for an exclusive interview.

Elsa Cohen is married to her career, but she wants love, marriage, children. She also wants the impossibly handsome, fiercely loyal, tenderhearted Hale Wheeler.

They go head-to-head, both denying why there are fireworks every time they meet. But once they understand their undeniable attraction, Elsa can’t help but fall for the dynamic do-gooder.

As for Hale, he knows he needs to fight the pull of the beautiful, bold, loving Elsa Cohen, because breaking her would crush him.

5 out of 5 stars

Fighting the Pull was a truly exceptional story filled with so much feeling and emotion that there were times I just had to take a minute to catch my breath. I loved it all! Hale and Elsa were everything! I loved the details, the depth, all the amazing characters, and the build to an incredible ending. I was so excited to read this book and it did not disappoint.

I loved Elsa to her core. I liked her strength, integrity, and how hard she worked to make her dreams come true. I have loved Hale since the start of the series, he’s protective and low-key alpha and good to his soul but he had his demons. I loved how Hale and Elsa clashed in the beginning and the animosity between them. Underneath it all, you could feel that building attraction and sexual tension. I loved Elsa’s attitude and how she didn't roll over and do whatever Hale wanted, she challenged him. I loved when their walls started to come down and they really opened up. I could feel these small emotional breaks growing in Hale and I hurt for him. I was filled with so much anticipation waiting for things to boil over for him and when it finally happened, it was intense and painful. While there was a lot of emotion, there was also a good bit of drama, playful moments, and some super-hot ones too. Those lighter, fun scenes were super entertaining and helped to really round out the story.

I loved learning about Hale’s complicated relationship with his dad from both of their viewpoints. I loved the emotion as memories aligned for Hale and as he struggled with others. I loved feeling like I really got to know Corey and understand his actions and choices, some of his whys were heartbreaking. I loved all the characters involved in this story and enjoyed getting to see more of those relationships and bonds that I have come to know and love in the series. There were a lot of great moments that had me choking up. I loved seeing the fatherly side of Tom with Hale and getting hints about Jamie and Nora. There were so many great snippets of other characters including the very intriguing Rhys Vaughn that has me excited about what is to come in the series.

I love a story that makes me feel and this one definitely had me on an emotional rollercoaster. Hale and Elsa were wonderful characters who were flawed and real. This story was sweet and painful, and heart-wrenching and beautiful all rolled into one. I loved the pace, and how it really built and pulled me in, I felt captivated the entire time. I loved all the healing, love, hope, and found families. It felt like this story broke me a bit and then built me back up. I cannot begin to say enough good things about Fighting the Pull and the River Rain series, it was all fantastic!  

Complimentary copy received.

Book Review: Fighting the Pull by Kristen Ashley | About That Story
"I loved it all! Hale and Elsa were everything!" - About That Story

Thank you Kristen Ashley and Rock Chick Press for the advanced copy of Fighting the Pull and Get Red PR for the paperback of the book.

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When Fighting the Pull landed on my Kindle, I dropped everything to read it and ignored as much adult responsibility as possible. What's the last book you dropped everything for? Let me know!