Book Review: Making the Match by Kristen Ashley

I am loving the River Rain series! Tom and Mika had a wonderful story filled with so much healing and love, I couldn't read it fast enough.  From the amazing cast of characters to the build and developing layers, Making the Match was a winner for me!

Book Review: Making the Match by Kristen Ashley

Making the Match (River Rain #4) by Kristen Ashley

From New York Times bestselling author Kristen Ashley comes the new book in her River Rain Series, Making the Match.

Decades ago, tennis superstar Tom Pierce and “It Girl” Mika Stowe met at a party.

Mika fell in love. Tom was already in love with his wife. As badly as Tom wanted Mika as a friend, Mika knew it would hurt too much to be attracted to this amazing man and never be able to have him.

They parted ways for what they thought would be forever, only to reconnect just once, when unspeakable tragedy darkens Mika’s life.

Years later, the impossible happens.

A time comes when they’re both unattached.

But now Tom has made a terrible mistake. A mistake so damaging to the ones he loves, he feels he’ll never be redeemed.

Mika has never forgotten how far and how fast she fell when she met him, but Tom’s transgression is holding her distant from reaching out.

There are matchmakers in their midst, however.

And when the plot has been unleashed to make that match, Tom and Mika are thrown into an international intrigue that pits them against a Goliath of the sports industry.

Now they face a massive battle at the same time they’re navigating friendship, attraction, love, family, grief, redemption, two very different lives lived on two opposite sides of a continent and a box full of kittens.

5 out of 5 stars

I absolutely loved Making the Match. LOVED! I loved the characters, the conflicts, the different families, and how all the amazing scenes and moments played out like a movie in my head. This story was emotional and raw, and more times than I could count, I got choked up. I love a story that makes me feel and this one definitely did!

I loved Tom, he was sweet and caring and I felt for him despite the wrong choice he previously made. I loved learning his thoughts and feelings about the guilt he carried and the responsibility he took. It was a complicated situation but I liked how it played out in this fictional story. I adored Mika, she was strong and resilient, like a shining light I was drawn to. I liked Tom and Mika meeting and learning about their friendship. There were a lot of feelings and emotions happening for Mika and I hung on every word as I learned her history and pain, about her daughter and her art. I loved Tom and Mika reconnecting, how they opened up and shared, laid it all out with no games, and how supportive they were of one another. I loved their chemistry, the explosive heat between them, and the deep love they developed for one another. There were so many poignant, beautiful moments, I could not get enough.

There was an incredible cast involved. I love how the River Rain world continues to grow, more people are brought into the fold, and the connections and bonds between them. I like how the storylines for Matt and Sasha were involved and how it played out, that made me happy. I loved Cadence, Mika’s daughter, and the relationship she was forming with Tom. It was so sweet! I really loved getting more Hale and what's been set up for him and Elsa. I enjoyed their interactions and am thrilled they are paired together in Fighting the Pull. I really liked how Genny was woven in and how she was revisiting some complicated feelings from her past. I loved learning more about Corey and seeing the depths of his love and how far he went to protect his family. Every time the fascinating Rhys showed up on the page I was beyond excited, his mentions of Sasha have me intrigued. I adored, loved, and was delighted by all the character connections to other stories and series. Each one had me smiling!

This story was spot on for me, from the characters to the hope, healing, and love. There were some adorable kittens in the mix that made me melt too. I enjoyed the smaller storyline that initially brought Tom and Mika back together, I liked the extra drama it created. I loved the layers and descriptions, and I was always looking forward to what was going to happen next. This was an exceptional addition to the series!

Book Review: Making the Match by Kristen Ashley | About That Story
"Exceptional story filled with hope, healing, and love! I loved every second!" - About That Story

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It's pretty safe to say that Kristen Ashley is one of my favorite authors. If she writes it, I will read it. Let me know some of your favorite authors!