Book Review: The Bully by Willa Nash

This series gets better and better and I already thought it was pretty fantastic. The Bully was an all-consuming story with an amazing build. Nellie and Cal had a fantastic push and pull happening and I loved every single second.   

Book Review: The Bully by Willa Nash
The Bully (Calamity Montana #4) by Willa Nash

Nellie Rivera is trading traffic for tranquility. When the quiet streets of small-town Montana beckon, she leaves Denver behind and moves to Calamity. It would be the perfect adventure if not for Cal Stark.

When her archnemesis dares to show his face one Saturday morning, declaring he is moving there too, she vows to make his life a misery. The town isn’t big enough for the both of them and besides . . .

She was here first.

Cal has been a thorn in her side since high school. He might have bullied her back then, but she’s not a modest teenager anymore and has learned a few plays of her own. If all goes to plan, she’ll run the former pro quarterback out of town within a month.

There’s only one problem. Cal has the same plan. He wants Calamity bad enough to pull out all the stops. And after one kiss, she realizes that he doesn’t play fair.

5 out of 5 stars

The Bully was so fantastic. It’s one of those stories that totally consumed me because I had to know what would happen next. I loved Cal and Nellie coming together, learning about their history, their amazing chemistry, and feeling the sexual tension and antagonism between them. There were so many incredible moments filled with emotion and passion, I couldn’t get enough!

I fell in love with both Nellie and Cal. I loved them even when I wanted to dislike them at times because of their choices. I loved knowing them as teens and as adults and learning about their different perspectives on the same situations. Their history was complicated and tense but there was this underlying attraction, a pull between them, like a moth to a flame that kept bringing them together. There was so much feeling involved and I hung on to every word. I loved how strong Nellie was and how she was making a place for herself in Calamity. I felt for Cal and why he had a guard up. He was so much more than he showed the world. I loved the vulnerability between them and when Cal started to show his true self. It was wonderful!

The story flowed so well and I really enjoyed the setup of how their history was shared. I am a huge fan of the enemies-to-lovers story and this was done exceptionally well. The push and pull Cal and Nellie had, along with the build, was everything. I felt so invested as all the layers were peeled back. There were so many poignant moments that gave me butterflies and something that Cal asked that made me feel so much for him. I like the different bonds and friendships formed and loved the hint of who the next story will be about.

This was an excellent addition to the Calamity Montana series. I loved the emotion and heat, I loved the tension and bits of angst, I loved the sweetness and heart, and the outstanding HEA. The Bully was brilliant! I highly recommend it.

Complimentary copy received from the author.

Book Review: The Bully by Willa Nash | About That Story
"All-consuming story with an amazing build. Loved it!" - About That Story

Thank you Willa Nash for the finished copy of The Bully.

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The enemies-to-lovers trope is one of my all-time favorites. I love the animosity as the underlying attraction comes to the forefront and feelings come into play. I can't get enough of it. Do you enjoy enemies-to-lovers stories? Let me know!